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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Will Eric and Sookie Get Back Together?

True Blood Season 5 was fangtabulous, but sadly lacking in hot hookups. Bon Temps' resident sex addict, Sookie Stack(ed)house, didn't even do the deed — and the one time she tried, she ended up vomiting all over Alcide's shoes.

Sigh, how we long for the days of Sookie and Eric's experimental Narnia sex on giant polar bear pelts ....

Let's not forget that the only reason Sookie broke up with Eric was because of Queen Bill, but now that he's morphed into Bold and Beautiful Billith, we're thinking it might be time to move on. Sookie is finally free to sexplore her relationship with Eric, but the problem? He's currently sexing up his sister. Wow, those incest-loving werepanthers in Hot Shot really rubbed off on everyone.

Despite the fact that Eric and Nora are crossing fangs, we have a feeling that Sookie and our favorite Viking King will revisit their steamy love affair next season. Then again, maybe we're just living vicariously through our fan fiction. After all, Sookie does supposedly have a new "fairie boy" love interest named Ben this season... although he is just not as hot as Eric!

What do you think, Truebies? Will Sookie and Eric get back together next season, or is their relationship even more passé than Bill's middle-parted ‘90s hair?