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The Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock’s Bachelorette Blog: Which Guy Left Her Speechless?

This week's epic episode of The Bachelorette Season 9 had us happy-crying for all the right reasons (see what we did there? RIGHT REASONS). Not only did Desiree Hartsock go on dates with two of the sexiest men this side of the local insane asylum, her group date was fun, spontaneous, and super romantic! No, not because Ben Scott made out with Des in some creepy alley, but because of Zak Waddell and his sexy self.

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Zak took Desiree aside and gave her the sweetest gift ever — a vintage journal to write musings in about her Bachelorette experience. "I have never received a gift like the one Zak W. gave to me," Des says in her Bachelorette blog. "I enjoy writing and have had a journal since I was 8 years old, so his thoughtful gift left me speechless and interested to learn more about the first night's 'shirtless man.'"

Zak's sentimental present (which was wrapped in a giant foam flotation device, by the way) was definitely a game-changer. Up until this point he's been a goofball / nudist with a fetish for body oil, but clearly dude is all kinds of emo! Before long he'll be side-sweeping his bangs and listening to Bright Eyes.

Sadly, Zak didn't get the group date rose thanks to Ben's irresistible kisses, but Des says the decision wasn't easy. "It was really tough for me to decide who to give the rose to," she continues. "I had a great conversation with Ben where we shared stories about our childhood and our interests so I felt I had more invested in him. But I didn't realize how giving it to him would affect the others. I feel for Sean Lowe a lot more now knowing how difficult it is to hand out roses on group dates."

Don't worry, Des. We're sure Zak will get over the hurt by writing a cathartic poem about you in his burn book. Er, journal.

Source: People