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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe Moves In With Catherine Giudici: But Still Celibate? — Report

Last time we checked, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici were living in separate apartments. Sure, they’re engaged. But Sean is a born-again virgin, so he and Catherine won’t be having sex until they’re married.

However, a new report from Life & Style (via HollywoodLife), says that the couple recently decided to move in together! That’s right: SeanCat is cohabitating. It’s big news, but what does it mean for the future of their relationship? Could Sean be altering his beliefs, as some have suggested already?

Don’t bet on it! Life & Style writes that the couple is taking measures to make sure they aren’t tempted to get too intimate.

“They still have separate rooms,” a source tells the mag. “Moving in is a purely financial decision. They’re still maintaining born-again-virgin Sean’s beliefs.”

Hey, paying for two apartments in Los Angeles could not have been cheap! Sean and Catherine spend so much time together, anyway, that their decision to start shacking up makes perfect financial sense.

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Still, this new arrangement likely will make things more difficult on a physical front. Sean told recently Wetpaint Entertainment that he and Catherine probably won’t have a summer wedding as planned, so that means they’ll have to keep waiting even longer before they, you know, get intimate.

We have a hard time mustering enough self control not to devour an entire tub of ice cream. Hang in there, you two!

Source: Life & Style, via HollywoodLife