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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers: Who Goes Home in Season 9, Episode 3?

Watching our favorite men leave the love nest on The Bachelorette week after week is a bit like working at a puppy shelter. We grow attached to their abs, smiles, and hashtagging ways, and so it’s hard to see them leave us — even if they’re going to a better home than we Desiree Hartsock could provide them. But since it’s still early, the cuts on Season 9 Episode 3 won’t be as traumatic as ones later on.

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On the June 10 episode of The Bachelorette, Des’ man coven will drop enrollment from 16 down to 13, with three unlucky fellas flying away on the wings of love(lessness). So, which three guys are outskies when the show returns on Monday night? Well, one of them is traumatic, one will make you kick your stalking skills into high gear to pick up the leftovers, and one will likely make you (well, us) really uncomfortable.

First up? Brian Jarosinski, who hasn’t been getting a lot of screentime, but who’s about to get a whole lot more. Why? Because you know that hot girl sidling in to yell at her boyfriend? Well, Ms. Stephanie Larimore seems to be Brian’s girlfriend, who found out her boyf was on The Bachelorette, and stormed in to call him out on TV. Now that’s quality entertainment. We hope he doesn’t rip his velvet suit when the door hits him on the way out...

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On his way out before his time (in the opinion of everyone with eyes and a fetish for superheros) is Dan Cox, who hasn’t gotten his fair share of time with Des yet.

The Las Vegas-based beverage rep has it all going on: hot bod, perfect smile, smoldering eyes... yet apparently he’s not Des’s type or something. And while we respect her decisions and her love journey and her fairytale and all that, we can also see that this guy is bomb (yeah, we said it). So, uh, we can’t make sense of it. Next?

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Well, all you softies out there better start stealing Kleenex from your favorite drug store, because tearful dodger Brandon Andreen also proves to be too much for Des, and she lets him go.

And considering the synopsis says that “one unlucky guy is completely devastated when he doesn't receive a rose and breaks down,” we’re guessing Brandon takes it exactly as we’d expect him to. Meaning, uh, not well. Look forward to more talk of butterflies and broken dreams.

Which guy will you be saddest to see go?

Source: Reality Steve