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Shawn Hunter: Will He Be on Girl Meets World? 5 Reasons We Think Rider Strong Is Returning

Have you met our boyfriend, Shawn Hunter? Played by Rider Strong, he was the bad boy, playboy and ultimate hottie of Boy Meets World. Now that the spin-off Girl Meets World is imminent, we of course want to see more of Shawn's influence on titular boy Cory Matthews, especially since he became a history teacher. Yawn!

Oh, Rider did post a big blog post about how he has "no official involvement," and another really kind of disturbing piece of writing about how Shawn is living in his basement and is still a virgin. Yikes! But we think he may have changed his mind, or he's pulling a classic, albeit a little extra-existential, prank.

If we're to believe the season finale of the notoriously plot hole-ridden series, Shawn grew up to be a beatnik-esque writer. Which means that he and our other boyfriend, Jess from Gilmore Girls, are basically the same person. Be still, our hearts!

Regardless of what he does with his life between Boy and Girl Meets World, here are five reasons we think he's coming back.

1. He Was Totally On Set

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This could just be a friendly visit, but we like to think it's a good sign of things to come, especially since he was tagging along with fellow Boy Meets World alum Will Friedle.

2. Everyone Else Is

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We know: Shawn's a rebel, and if every other cast member jumped off a bridge, he certainly would be the last person to follow suit. But even Maitland Ward, who played saucy redheaded roommate Rachel McGuire for 45 episodes in the last two seasons, was pictured on-set with William Daniels (Fuh-fuh-fuh-Feenay!).

Seriously, Rider! Just come back.

3. The Boy Meets World Cast Reunion at ATX

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Rider joined Ben Savage (Cory), Matthew Lawrence (Shawn's older half-brother Jack), Trina McGee-Davis (SHAWN'S EX ANGELA), and other former cast members at Austin Television Festival this week. It was for a cast reunion, but it's not like he's exactly burying Shawn in his basement anymore.

Side note: Danielle Fishel (Topanga) wasn't at ATX. When are we going to get a Topangela reunion?!

4. Confirmed Cast Members Are Really Vague When Asked About Shawn

When we (or others!) ask if Shawn's coming back for a little cameo, the answers definitely sound like they're omitting something. Are they keeping a big reveal a secret?!

Take Sabrina Carpenter's answer, for example! She plays Shawn Hunter's female counterpart on the spin-off. We asked, "Rider Strong was seen visiting the set, is he going to be a part of the show?"

She answered, "I will say he definitely did come and visit, he’s very supportive."

When series creator Michael Jacobs was asked if Shawn will be a character on the show (among other guest stars), his response was restrained, but positive!

"I think there’s more than a chance," Michael said about supporting characters like Shawn and older brother Eric appearing if Girl Meets World gets picked up, "I think there’s a strong chance."

Compare that to Teo Halm (Elliott Matthews)'s response when asked about Feeny — "I honestly am not sure I can say" — and I'd say they're definitely keeping some things under their collective hats.

5. He Just Has To!

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Cory is a middle school history teacher now. Dude's going to be extra-square super-fast if he doesn't get Shawn in there once and a while to balance him out.

Also, those two were friends from sixth grade til college graduation. Are we to believe they never speak to one another? That he's not Uncle Shawn to Cory's adorable children? Please. He's coming back.

06.7.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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