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American Idol

Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez Hold Secret Meeting (About Her Idol Return?)

An American Idol scandal just in time for summer? Well, sort of...if Radar Online is to be believed, Ryan Seacrest held what was supposed to be a top secret meeting with old-and-possibly-new-again judge Jennifer Lopez.

The preternaturally preserved pair reportedly met at an industry office building in Beverly Hills, according to Radar Online’s eyewitness.

“J.Lo was driven there by her regular driver. Ryan arrived simultaneously, and didn’t look happy to have been spotted,” the source revealed.

Could they be dating? Nahhh, we definitely think it’s looking more and more like J-Lo, who compared the show to the “mafia” for drawing people back in after they’re out, is returning to the panel. If Jennifer Hudson’s contract gets executed and the rumors of a three-judge panel are true, there may only be one spot left to fill. Even then, that could be Keith Urban’s chair, as a return from the country singer hasn’t been ruled out either.

What would you think of J-Hud, J-Lo, Keith panel on American Idol 2014?

Source: Radar Online