Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Revenge’s Nick Wechsler Doesn’t Think Jack and Emily Should Ever Get Together — Exclusive (VIDEO)

Season 2 of Revenge ended with us screaming and throwing our caviar-encrusted lobster tails in the air as Emily Thorne told Jack Porter that she was the real Amanda Clarke. But the screen went dark before we could see Jack’s reaction.

Now we have all summer to stress over the fate of these two childhood sweethearts. Fortunately, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with actor Nick Wechsler at the 2013 ATX Television Festival to talk about the future of Jemily.

Though Nick and the cast have yet to see a Season 3 script, he did speculate with Wetpaint editor Alyse Whitney on the fate of these two star crossed lovers. So, will Jack and Emily ever actually be together?

“I think the smart money is on never really giving that to the audience, teasing them with it,” Nick admitted.

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Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

No! These two have to be together! But will Jack be able to forgive Emily after her actions did so much to ruin his life?

“Personally, I’d have a hard time forgiving that,” Nick said. “But I think ultimately the thing that, my experience would actually make me understand what she’s going through more than ever. This is going to make Jack have to go after Grayson.”

And what about Jack and Emily teaming up to defeat a common enemy, say, Conrad Grayson?

“That’s possible. I don’t know what they have planned,” Nick continued. “If they do it, she would have to earn his trust a bit and if not, then it’s like, ‘I’m only using you, because we have a common enemy. But we’re not OK.’”

We think Jack will have a tough time forgiving at first, but hopefully these two crazy kids will be able to work things out.

Do you think there’s a future for Jack and Emily? Tell us below!

Reporting by Alyse Whitney.