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The Bachelor

Why Are Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Going on Good Morning America?

Have you heard the fabulous news? The Bachelor 17's resident lovebirds, Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici, will be gracing the world with their presence this Wednesday (June 12) on Good Morning America!

We're all kinds of excited to see Sean and Catherine on live television (after all, it's been weeks), but what's the dealio? Surely this hot couple aren't hitting up GMA just for funzies — there must be a specific reason for their appearance, and the time has come to speculate.

Check out three reasons we think Sean and his bride-to-be are blessing GMA with their gorgeousness!

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1. Sean Has Finally Learned How to Walk on Water

Sean is basically BFF with his homeboy Jesus, so it was only a matter of time before he learned to sashay his way across the Red Sea. Either that or boyfriend has learned how to change water into Franzia.

2. Sean and Catherine Have Picked A Date For Their Wedding

Sean and Catherine got engaged in November 2012, yet these two still haven't set a date for their televised nuptials. We understand that they want to "get to know each other" or whatever, but the time has come to lock this thing down. Maybe they'll make the big announcement on Good Morning America?

3. THEY'RE EXPECTING...A Spin-Off Show

Sean and Catherine dazzled audiences with their adorable and quirky relationship, and Bachelor Nation just can't get enough. Do you think ABC realized this dynamic duo's star potential and offered them their very own spin-off show? Because we want to go to there. And stay there forever.

Hit the comments and spill your theories about why Sean and Catherine are appearing on Good Morning America. And don't forget to tune in Wednesday, June 12!