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The Bachelorette

Bryden Vukasin Posts Pic of His “Girl” — Does He Get Eliminated?!

Desiree Hartsock bestowed her second Bachelorette 1-on-1 date to “sexy mountain man” Bryden Vukasin, and these two wasted no time getting hot ‘n heavy in a hot tub... Even though Des had to tell him to kiss her. But once the awkwardness wore off, their chemistry was off-the-charts amazing (need we remind you of the gleeful way they frolicked through that orange grove?), and we're thinking that so far, Bryden has a shot at winning Des' finale rose.

The problem? Bryden has another leading lady in his life, and even posted a picture of her to Twitter with the caption "My Girl."

Woah there. Did Bryden just admit to being kicked out of Desiree's love nest? After all, he's clearly moved on....

Credit: Twitter    

Wait, scratch that. Bryden's "other woman" happens to be a cheerful German Shepherd, so um... crisis averted. Looks like this dude just loves himself a fluffy puppy, and who can blame him? Look at that dog's eyes, they're saying "I'm here for the RIGHT REASONS."

In other news, click here to find out whether or not Bryden nabs Desiree's final rose! Sure, these two had one of the the hottest makeout sessions in The Bachelorette's decade-long history, but will Bry's puckered lips be enough to win Des' heart? That remains to be seen, brave souls.

Source: Twitter