Credit: Leyla Ghobadi on Instagram    
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Kanye West’s Rumored Mistress, Leyla Ghobadi: 5 Things to Know

In the latest round of who-is-Kanye-West-cheating-on-Kim-with-now rumors, Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi has offered up her name as the potential other woman. But who is this Kim Kardashian lookalike (okay, so you have to squint a little)? Here’s what we’ve found thanks to what appears to be her Facebook (not a lot of Leyla Ghobadis from Canada out there):

Credit: Leyla Ghobadi on Instagram    

1. She’s a “public figure” according to a Facebook account with her name. Created this year and, judging by the timestamp on the photos, as early as this morning, the account has more than 90 likes and plenty of photos of the model stripped down and smiling.

2. She works two jobs, one as a marketing director at some place called Diamond Spa and the other as a VIP bartender/waitress at New City Gas (the uniform: tight red mini-dress with see-through panels).

3. She does not like Kanye West, at least online. Among her top music picks: Guns N’ Roses, Blink-182, and Marilyn Manson. So not hip hop?

4. She loves horror movies. Some of Leyla’s top films include The Hills Have Eyes, The Shining, and The Grudge. Hope she’s prepared for the latest thriller, When Kim Kardashian Attacks.

5. She’s trilingual! Girlfriend says she speaks French, Persian, and English. The first seems likely since she’s originally from Chomedey, a primarily French-speaking region of Quebec.

With new photos of bikini-clad Leyla seemingly added to the interwebs every minute, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before the girl herself surfaces again. Do you believe she slept with Kanye, or does his story hold water? Tell us below.

Source: Leyla Ghobadi on Facebook