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The Kardashians

Kanye West Said WHAT to a Photographer Wishing Him “Happy Birthday”?!

Daddy-to-be and Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Kanye West has a notoriously quick temper. Remember that time he went off on a photographer in Miami? Granted, the whole situation was pretty tense. Kanye and Kim had just run into her ex Reggie Bush, the man Kim was supposedly still seeing when she and Kanye got together and started making magic/babies. Can you say "awkward"?

Kanye did apologize to the photog later, giving her what looked to be a borderline threatening bear hug. Still, people with cameras beware if you see Yeezy walking your way.

Unfortunately, our warning comes too late for a cameraman in New York who greeted Kanye as he walked to the Mercer Hotel.

“Don’t ask me questions, man!” the rapper replied, shaking his hands and avoiding eye contact.

But the photographer didn't let that get him down, shouting “Have a good one, brother" and "Happy belated birthday, bro!” as Kanye's grey hoodie retreated down the street.

Kanye’s response? “Shut up! Don’t ask me questions!”

No offense, Kanye, but we didn’t hear a question.

We're sure it's annoying to have people always talking at you, especially when you're clearly going for incognito (maybe drop the entourage, huh?), but Kanye sure seemed grumpy for having justcelebrated his birthday. Maybe he's just getting anxious as Kim's July due date approaches?

Source: Aol

Credit: Aol