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Lorenzo Is Biting People! How Does Snooki Stop Him?

It’s about that time when baby Lorenzo has begun to teethe, and unfortunately for his mama Snooki, that means some baby biting to deal with! Though babies need plenty of safe things to chew during teething, they still may bite their parents by accident. Luckily, smartie Snooki came up with a game plan.

Lorenzo is biting people. Especially me. #ouchie,?,” Snooks recently tweeted. Ouchie, indeed! Even though babies are small, their bites can definitely hurt. Of course, being the popular and beloved mama she is, she got plenty of feedback from fellow moms on what to do.

“Loving the biting feedback from the parents!” she wrote soon after. “His teethers don't help, so how do I stop him from biting people? #Parentproblems.

A fellow parent shared her solution, and Snooki gave her own. “I tickle him until he stops lol,” Snooks tweeted in response to a fan: “@cassodonoghue: @snooki my son bites all the time now. I just try to distract him with snacks.”

Well, a little tickling probably doesn’t hurt (as long as it’s just a little)! We wish Snooki the best of luck during this “mouthy” time...

Do you think Snooki’s teething method is a good idea for Lorenzo, or do you know a better solution? Share below!

06.12.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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