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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Greg and Tamara’s Peter Pan Connection Revealed!

In the Season 2 finale of Once Upon a Time, Greg and Tamara were unmasked as not only magic-hating members of the “Home Office,” but as Peter Pan’s team of kidnappers. In the final minutes of the episode, they whisked Henry away to Neverland, presumably to deliver him to evil shadow Peter and his creepy Lost Ones.

Though we knew that Greg and Tamara were bad news bears, we had no idea how big of an impact they would have on Storybrooke. The town may have been saved from reforestation, but that doesn’t mean our fairy tale characters can breathe easy. While Belle was tasked with casting a cloaking spell to keep other members of the "Home Office" out, that doesn’t mean they won’t be coming back in some form. The good news? We’ll find out more sooner rather than later

"We're going to explain pretty quickly what it is and how, as we showed in the finale, Greg and Tamara were unwittingly working for Peter Pan, and how that all connects,” co-creator Adam Horowitz dished to TV Guide.

So, does that mean the mysterious organization will be explained, and then promptly stopped, in Neverland? Likely not. However, we have a feeling that if and when The Charmings & Co. find Henry, there’s going to be a big battle, and the residual effects of Peter Pan will be seen throughout the season.

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Source: TV Guide