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Teen Mom

Flavor Flav Slams Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra For Choosing Adoption (VIDEO)

Did you guys catch the dramatic Season 3 premiere of Couples Therapy last night on VH1, starring Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra? The pair arrived at the house with high hopes, but they soon realized this journey might not be as easy as they had anticipated...

As soon as they entered the house, they were bombarded by reality star rapper Flavor Flav and his fiancée Liz Trujillo, who will also endure Dr. Jenn Berman's rigorous relationship counseling. After brief introductions, Flav admitted he wasn't too familiar with the show Teen Mom (the horror!) and proceeded to blast the young couple for placing their daughter Carly for adoption.

Credit: VH1    

"How come you all didn't just keep the child?" Flav asked the pair, still in the doorway of the house, luggage in tow.

"Because I grew up in a really bad house, my mom was an alcoholic," Catelynn explained.

"We were only 16, we didn't have no diploma, no license, no car. My ma couldn't afford nothing," Tyler chimed in. "I was raised by a single ma, my dad's addicted to crack cocaine, been in and out of prison my whole life."

Yeesh, anyone have a tissue?

Catelynn immediately turned the conversation in a positive direction, telling Flav and Liz they gave Carly's adoptive family a true blessing since they couldn't have children of their own. "We gave them the gift of our child," Catelynn said.

But Flav wasn't convinced that Catelynn and Tyler made the right choice, saying, "Yeah, you gave them the gift. But then again you took a gift away from your child. Because the best gift you could give a child is for that child to have both of his parents."

Liz made it clear she disagreed with Flav by shaking her head, while Catelynn tried to remain diplomatic by telling him she agrees in a sense. But Flav wasn't done!

"So as you all gave away, you all took something away more precious than you gave," he said. "I respect what you all did, but in the same token it doesn't change the feelings of what that baby is gonna feel."

Those are some strong words there, Flav! What do you think of his stance on adoption? Did Catelynn and Tyler make the right choice? Tell us below.