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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Has Melissa Gorga Ever Met Danielle Staub?

Even though she left the show two years ago (but could show up during Season 5), Danielle Staub is clearly still a controversial topic amongst The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars.

Teresa Giudice has long claimed that her anger towards Melissa Gorga at least in part stems from the fact that Melissa was once in contact with Danielle at a time when the former H’wife was pretty much on Tre’s shitlist.

In a blog from last year, Melissa recounts all of her interactions with Danielle. While Melissa did admit to some correspondence over Facebook, she insists her involvement with Danielle has been very limited.

Melissa explains, “I've said it many times; she saw the sprinkle cookie story on Facebook and inboxed me. She did ask me to film with her, and I declined.”

In short, Melissa states that while she did converse with Danielle, the two have never actually met.

“Did I speak to Danielle? Yes. Did I meet with Danielle? No. To this day I have never met Danielle in person,” she writes.

Teresa has made it seem like Melissa and Danielle were really working together, so are you surprised that Melissa has had so little involvement with the former H’wife? Vote below!