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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Will Sookie Hook Up With Alcide or Go Back to Eric?

Sookie Stackhouse has had her fair share of man candy over the course of True Blood’s five seasons, but we didn’t see her get much action in Season 5.

Surprisingly, the only hook up we saw was with Alcide, but that drunken disaster was over as soon as she threw up all over his shoes.

Alan Ball recently teased that he’s not so sure that Alcide has dropped the torch for Sook, but then why not get them together last season?

“Every single season, it’s been all about Sookie falling in love with this person or that person,” Alan told TVLine. “It seemed like she had enough on her plate this season to not just [say], ‘Okay, now Sookie’s gonna fall in love with Alcide!’”

But the departing showrunner was quick to add that it “doesn’t mean that door is closed.” In fact, any one of Sookie’s past lovers could come back to her in Season 6.

“All of these supernatural guys in town carry a big torch for Sookie — even Eric, who doesn’t want to admit it.”

Truebies, what do you think? Should Sookie try things out with Alcide or go back to Eric? Or will her new love interest be the only guy she might hook up with this season? Tell us below!

Source: TVLine