What to Expect in Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 3: “Fireflies”
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The Vampire Diaries

What to Expect in Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 3: “Fireflies”

The title of Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 3 is “Fireflies.” While that evokes warm summer eves and soft breezes, the promo pretty much dashes all expectations that we’ll go gentle into this good night. Check out our second-by-second analysis of the video. A word of warning? There will be death.

0:01 — Close-up on Stiles’s face

Hello, handsome.

0:02 — Death

Oh, that’s comforting.

0:03–0:04 — Tumble in the woods

And not the sexy kind of tumble.

0:05–0:07 — Detectives Stiles and McCall try to figure it out.

A serial killer who likes to rip throats out? We shall call him the Beacon Hills Slasher.

0:08 — Death is coming.

Isn’t it already here? (RIP, Erica.)

0:09 — Underwater shot

Lydia’s going to stick her head in the Pensieve!

0:10 — Body under covers

Yep, it looks like death is definitely here.

0:11 — Derek holds Erica.

D struggles to hold back his manly Alpha tears.

0:12 — “They killed someone.”

So, this episode is just all about death, isn’t it?

0:13 — Is that Allison’s judge-y face?

Or her, “Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have wiped away that Mountain Ash” face?

0:13 — Oh, Boyd.

Did we catch you at a bad time?

0:14–0:15 — Peter breaks it down.

What’s an Alpha without his pack?

0:16–0:17 — “You can always make more werewolves.”

But we like these werewolves!

0:19 — What’s shaking?

No, seriously. We have no idea what’s going on.

0:20 — (Blood) spit take

Never a good look.

0:21–0:22 — Derek doesn’t want innocent people to die.

So sweet.

0:23–0:24 — Alpha vs. Pack Member

When will this werewolf-on-werewolf violence end?

0:25–0:26 — Scott’s feeling self-conscious.

Now, Scott. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you.

0:27 — A glowing stick

What is this wizardry?

0:28 — Scott wants to call for backup.

Not a bad plan.

0:29 — Derek isn’t having it.

Just file him under “Doesn’t play well with others.”

0:30 — Someone’s got a gun...

Trained on Scott.

0:31 — Papa Argent!

Someone’s back on hunting duty.

0:32–0:33 — Scott wants werewolf-hunting lessons?

No wonder this episode is so deadly.

0:34 — Bloody hands.

Any idea who she is?

0:35 — Stiles figures it all out.

Good, because we’re still very confused.

0:36 — Lydia screams.

Must we always end things this way?

0:37 — “Who Will Die?”

Oh, this is a much scarier way to end things. Thanks, guys.