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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelor Pad Star Is Happy the Show Is Cancelled?

We've been curled up in the fetal position ever since hearing the news that Bachelor Pad was canceled (NOOOOOOOOOO), and we're not alone. The entire population of Bachelor Nation is in rebellion thanks to this unexpected decision except for one BP3 alum who's actually happy that the show is dunzo.


That's right, Erica Rose has no love for Bachelor Pad (despite being one of the most entertaining starlets last season), and she took it to Twitter to voice her opinion. "Honestly I am happy there is not another season of Bpad," she told a fan. "That show could be mean-spirited."

If by "mean spirited" Erica means "completely magical," then yes. Sure, Bachelor Pad has its fair share of evil villains who want nothing more than to destroy everyone's dignity (looking at you, Chris Harrison, you evil genius, you), but c'mon. It's all in the name of funzies!

Then again Erica had a particularly rough time on Bachelor Pad 3. This gal was tormented by Kalon McMahon for most of the season, though it's not like he didn't warn fans that he was going to be completely deranged on the show. To quote: "I'm going to ruin your f*cking summer."

Are you surprised by Erica's reaction to Bachelor Pad being canceled? Sound off in the comments, but please pay your respects and place a tiara atop your head before doing so.

Source: Twitter