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The Bachelorette

Brandon Andreen Slams Ben Scott, Reveals His Pick For Desiree Hartsock

Brandon Andreen left Desiree Hartsock's Bachelorette Man Mansion brokenhearted and traumatized, but fear not. Dude is finally able to form sentences without dissolving into fits of weeping, and he has so many feelings. So. Many. Feelings.

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First up, Brandon loathes Ben Scott almost as much as he loves butterflies. "With Ben, with what I saw, it was just unfortunate," Brandon said during a recent conference call. "The house had a nice positive atmosphere to it and he just kind of wanted to mess it up. We really did want all of us to be there for the right reasons and it was pretty apparent that the politician wasn't."

Feel the burn, Ben.

So, why does Brandon think this sneaky hunk wanted to be on The Bachelorette? "He just wanted to be the dramatic guy on the show, that's how I feel," Brandon explained. "And maybe that's just him, that's his personality and who he is, or he was putting on a facade on television.... But as far as what I saw and what America saw, it's definitely that he is that guy. America, they know. People know, they can tell."

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Here that, fellow people? We know what's up.

In other news, Brandon has a few ideas about who should win Desiree's heart. "Hands down, every time I would see Des look at Brooks — you could just tell. You were just like, 'Wow, she really likes him,'" Brandy said. "He was the one I absolutely thought from the get-go that if it wasn't going to be me, it was hopefully going to be him."

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