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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Who Will Die in Episode 1: “Who Are You Really”?

The True Blood Season 6 premiere is almost here and we know it’s highly likely that someone will meet their demise before the closing credits roll. After all, this is True Blood, where characters great and small die in almost every episode!

So who will die in the True Blood premiere? Well, we know that there is a major character death coming but it won’t be happening quite yet. That still leaves plenty of room for a minor character to meet their maker in the first episode though. After all, with the Authority in ruins, Billith on the loose and the Governor of Louisiana declaring a war on vampires — not everyone is going to survive, right?

If you had to take a guess, who would you think is going to end up moving on to the other side in the True Blood Season 6 premiere? We can assure you there will be at least one death, but we don’t want to spoil things for you. We’ll only tell you that it will not be a random nobody character that dies. If you go back rewatch the season finale — you’ll probably guess who it is that doesn’t make it through.

Of course, this is True Blood and anything can happen. Not everyone that gets killed ends up staying dead. And not everyone that really is dead never comes back to haunt us again. So no matter what happens, don’t count on any death on True Blood to ever be entirely final!

06.14.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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