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Glee Star — NOT Cory Monteith! — Talks About Kissing Lea Michele

Sorry, Cory Monteith (Finn): It turns out you weren’t the first co-star that your now-girlfriend Lea Michele (Rachel) has kissed outside of the Glee soundstage.

Cory and Lea’s on-screen teacher, Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schue), recently took to Twitter to open up about the time that he and Lea locked lips.

Before you start freaking out (and organizing vicious anti-Matt hate mobs) we should note that the Lea-Matt kiss in question was on stage, and part of a musical performance.

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Back in 2010, Matthew and Lea played the lead roles in a Brad and Janet in a special 35th Anniversary production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This, of course, required their characters to kiss onstage, which Matthew freely admits was sort of a strange experience.

On June 11, Matt tweeted that the play was “weird” because ”I had to kiss this girl that played my student!!” He added, “But hey, we were playing different parts.”

Plus, at the time the Matt-Lea kiss happened, Cory and Lea weren’t even an item yet. Though the two have been on-screen lovers for over four years, they didn’t officially start on off-screen relationship until Valentine’s Day of last year.

What’s more, Matthew couldn’t be happier for that Cory and Lea are dating. He’s so confident that they’re meant to be, he’s already offered to sing at their wedding. Anybody have a good song suggestion?

Source: Matthew Morrison on Twitter