Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram    
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The Kardashians

First Photo: See Kim Kardashian’s Ex’s Baby Daughter!

After the exciting and unexpected news that Kim Kardashian gave birth on Saturday, we’re all wondering what Baby Kimye looks like! So far we know the little one has dark hair and looks just like Mama (lucky baby!), but beyond that, the Kardashians are keeping their newest family member away from prying eyes. Well, at least for now.

When we do finally get to see the latest addition to Kardashian Khaos, we have a feeling she’ll bear a striking resemblance to another celebrity tot welcomed just last month: Briseis Bush, the almost three-month old daughter of Kim’s former flame and NFL star Reggie Bush.

We’ve said it before: Reggie’s fiancée and mama to Briseis, Lilit Avagyan, could easily pass as a Kim Kardashian look-alike. Combine that with the fact that Reggie and Kim’s beau Kanye West are both hotties in their own right, we’re betting Baby West will be just as cute as Baby Bush with the dark hair and olive skin that’s helped make their Armenian mamas famous!

Although it’s unlikely these A-list babies will ever meet up for a playdate, thanks to their parents’ past romantic history, we like to imagine the cute overload a Briseis-Yeezus combo would be!

Credit: Reggie Bush on Instagram