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The Bachelor

Why Did Catherine Giudici Wish Sean Lowe a Happy Father’s Day?

Hold on a second. Is Catherine Guidici trying to tell us that she and Sean Lowe are having a baby?! Because based on a Father’s Day tweet Catherine sent to her fiance, it sounds like she just might be!

On June 16, the Bachelor Season 17 winner took to Twitter to wish her fiance a happy Father’s Day. Sean doesn’t have any kids yet, so we couldn’t help but wonder if this tweet was Catherine’s sly way of announcing her pregnancy to the world. After all, girl is all about the social media sharing these days.

Sadly, no such luck. Just as we were about to click “buy” for some adorable baby cowboy boot-booties, we took a moment to read Catherine’s tweet a little bit closer. Turns out she’s only congratulating him on being the devoted father of the couple’s two dogs...


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“Happy Father's Day to my beloved pappy and future one! And to the pops of our beautiful pups @SeanLowe09 :) Cheers to all the daddies!” Catherine tweeted.

During Sean’s season, viewers saw over and over again how much the Texas heartthrob loves his sister’s kids. It may come as a bit of a surprise, then, to hear that Sean and Catherine don’t actually plan of having kids of their own anytime soon!

“We're both just enjoying being together — the two of us,” Sean recently told Life & Style. “Family will come, but it'll probably be a few years."

In that case, we hope that pups Lola and Ellie cooked him an awesome breakfast in bed...

Source: Catherine Giudici on Twitter