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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: How Many Black Hoodies Are There? Mandi Line Says…

Mandi Line is the creative mastermind behind the fashion design on Pretty Little Liars. She’s the person who brings Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna’s personalities to life through their style choices, and we think she does an awesome job. Mandi talked to ETonline about the struggles and joys of her job including what her favorite PLL outfits have been, how many black hoodies the wardrobe department actually has, and which Liar has come the farthest in her fashion.

“To get creative without spending money is tough,” Mandi says of her job as PLL costume designer. “I like a budget. I think it helps. Plus, I love when I can tell a fan where to get something from the show; they get it and send me a photo of them in it. It makes their month, and that's the best thing in the world to me.”

Mandi said some of her favorite outfits and accessories on the show have belonged to Aria. On the list: Aria’s feather earrings, her red and black striped masquerade dress, and the studded black hoodie she wore to the school fundraiser.

Credit: ABC Family    

While Mandi said Aria has known and owned her style since Season 1, Mandi names Emily as the character whose fashion has undergone the biggest transformation on the show — a transformation that has mirrored her character’s own journey: “Emily has taken a much bigger journey a lot of Emily's fashion arc is because of her journey, so you see it represented in her clothes,” said Mandi.

And how many black hoodies does PLL actually have?

“It's funny — that hoodie has taken its own journey,” said Mandi. “There have been so many black hoodies over the years, but I think we're down to 26 hoodies, 26 pants, 26 gloves. Everyone that's had to wear it has their own head-to-toe version.”

Twenty-six hoodies! Yikes. Let’s hope, for the Liars’ sakes, that there aren’t that many “A” Team members.

Are you a fan of the show’s fashion? Do you have a favorite piece? Which Liar’s wardrobe would you steal if you could? Sound off in the comments below!

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