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Is Miley Cyrus Really the Worst Celebrity Role Model For Kids? She Tops Surprising List

Really? Yeah, Miley Cyrus has changed a lot since her Hannah Montana days, but it’s not like she’s getting arrested or making “adult” films.

Still, conducted a survey of 2,407 parents around the country, asking about the stars they felt were negative influences on their children, and Miley beat all the other girls. (She does love to be #1 on lists!)

According to the New York Daily News, here’s how the female stars stacked up:

1. Miley Cyrus, 68%

2. Lindsay Lohan, 65%

3. Kim Kardashian, 63%

4. Amanda Bynes, 61%

5. Farrah Abraham, 59%

The male #1 is a little less surprising, considering he’s still best known to some for beating his ex-girlfriend:

1. Chris Brown, 71%

2. Kanye West, 67%

3. Justin Bieber, 65%

4. Lil Wayne, 58%

5. Charlie Sheen, 56%

6. Lance Armstrong, 54%

It sounds like parents aren’t thrilled with entertainment stars in general — 58% said celebrities make for poor role models for their kids. That’s probably true, but considering how many “followers” most of the above have on Twitter, it’s pretty clear they are role models whether parents like it or not.

Do you agree with the list, as ranked?

Source: New York Daily News