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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Which Guy Makes a Shocking Choice in Munich?

So far, Desiree Hartsock’s Bachelorette 2013 journey has included a “lying, cheating pig,” the most painfully awkward cardio-filled date ever, and a pair of muscle-bound crusaders (Mike Garofola and Mikey Tenerelli) who seem more focused on another contestant than on Des. Basically, it’s been awkward for everyone. And, according to Reality Steve, it gets a whole lot worse in Episode 5.

Credit: Lou Rocco/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

Before the Rose Ceremony in Atlantic City, Bryden Vukasin told the other guys, the camera, Des... heck, anyone who would listen, that he might want to leave the competition. And while it seemed like the man who earned one of the season’s first 1-on-1s was going to call it quits, he accepted Desiree’s rose after all.

According to Reality Steve, the waffling contestant hops the plane to Germany right alongside the 11 remaining fellas, then quickly hops right back. “Bryden eliminated himself early in the week in Germany (not sure if it was before or after the group date happened) because from what I was told ‘just wasn’t feeling it,” the Spoiler King reveals.

Uh, really dude? You fly all the way to Munich just to quit? Seems like a lot of unnecessary travel time for someone who already knew he didn’t want to be there. But before you go thinking it was just the jet lag talking, RS has some intel that like fellow contestant Brian Jarosinski, Bryden also had a lady in waiting to contend with.

Credit: Instagram via Reality Steve    

Meaning, the reason Bryden really left was “maybe the fact that Becky Weidow was waiting for him at home.” Steve goes on to say that Becky “posted a picture of them kissing on her Instagram account just days before he left for filming.” The strangest part of all this is that she seems to have been aware that Bryden wasn’t heading off to find himself on a trip or anything.

“[S]he acknowledges the fact that she knew he was leaving to go on The Bachelorette by saying ‘I’ll be missing you’ in this picture just days before he left…” Oh yeah, and, uh, before she took her account down, Becky also Instagrammed a bunch of pics of her with Bryden after he left Germany.

Wow. Suddenly Bryden’s hesitation before kissing Des in that awkward hot tub scene makes all sorts of sense.

Source: Reality Steve