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Why Did Lea Michele Decide NOT to Play Her Celebrity Idol in a Movie?

It's no secret that Glee star Lea Michele (Rachel) loves Barbra Streisand. The iconic singer and actress has been one of Lea's celebrity idols for years, so when the opportunity arose for Lea to play Barbra in an upcoming biopic, you might assume that the actress would jump at the chance.

But that assumption would be wrong. After Ellen recently interviewed the creators of an upcoming Barbra project, still in the early stages, and they reveal that Lea actually turned down their offer for the role.

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“She turned us and Bill Mann down because she wasn’t interested in doing it as a TV movie, which was the original plan,” co-writer/co-producer David A. Lee tells the site. David and his partner, Daniel Vaillancourt, even found a producer who would take the flick to a cable network, but that network only wanted the project if Lea was attached. Sadly for them, that meant the duo was out of luck.

Still, the producers say they’re hopeful that Lea might be interested if their script can be developed as a feature film. Honestly, though, we just don't see it working out. Why? Because David and Daniel are very open about how much Barbra will hate their story, which is based on a 2012 unauthorized biography. Daniel says he's pretty sure "everybody knows" that Babs will be upset by the script. “No, we don’t expect her to consult or weigh-in,” he explains. “More likely she’ll try to sue!”

With this in mind, would someone who loves Barbra as much as Lea does really agree to star in a movie she knows her idol will hate? Sorry, we just don't see that happening. Ever.

Source: After Ellen

06.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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