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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Will the Big Death Be a Human, Not a Vamp?

As we recently reported, the cast of True Blood admitted to being quite torn up about the death that has been confirmed to happen before season six ends.

Many of them admitted to crying. Joe Manganiello said “that person” cried as well (which hopefully means it wasn’t him!), and he called the table read “really sad, heartfelt.” Trying to keep things positive, the cast tried to create a celebration out of it as well, eating red velvet cake in what Joe called “True Blood fashion.”

Ryan Kwanten called the loss “heartbreaking” but admits that he was shocked they had lasted as long as they did without losing a key cast member.

Chris Bauer didn’t mince any words when talking about the death, saying, "It sucked! When you get used to being around somebody and get to know them both as their character and who they are, it's just not fair to see them go.”

Here’s the thing – throughout the preseason, the buzz was that it was a vampire that was going to die but a new report from E! leaves us wondering if that might be wrong.

E! News reports that, during a live chat hosted by HBO, the cast “revealed that this season ‘takes a toll on the humans for sure.’”

It’s certainly not solid evidence, but it gives us pause. Just when we were trying to make peace with the likelihood that Eric Northman might meet the true death, we’re left wondering if we might lose someone like Jason Stackhouse. Of course, we can’t lose Sookie!

What do you think – will a vampire or human die on season six?

According to E! News, in a live chat hosted by HBO, the cast revealed that this season "takes a toll on the humans for sure."