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True Blood

True Blood’s Jamie Gray Hyder Talks Big Fight Scene and Being a “Homewrecker”— Exclusive!

True Blood is back and sexier than ever, as evidenced by the hot werewolf threesome between Alcide (Joe Manganiello), Rikki (Kelly Overton), and young pack member Danielle (Jamie Gray Hyder) in the Season 6 premiere.

As an eager member of the Shreveport wolfpack, there’s a lot of potential for Danielle to rise quickly in the ranks — and cause a ruckus in the process!

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Jamie Gray Hyder at the opening of the new Leica store in West Hollywood, California on June 20. The actress spilled on the big fight her character gets into with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) in Season 6, Episode 2, and her future with Alcide despite heated competition from Rikki.

Wetpaint Entertainment: So you get into a big fight in Episode 2. What was it like filming that kind of scene?

Jamie Gray Hyder: It was a lot of fun actually. You know, we had a good time filming it. I was excited to get to work with Nelsan because I had never gotten to work with him before.

I always wonder, do you ever accidentally really hurt someone in the process of fake punching them in the face?

You have to be careful. The stunt people go over it with you and you do some of it yourself, and then you have a stunt person come in and do more of the risky stuff. But it’s a really safe set and everyone makes sure that everyone knows what’s going on before we begin to film anything.

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Last time Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with you, you referred to your character as a “Homewrecker.” Care to elaborate on that?

I think you’ll see as the season goes on she’s just got a lot of trouble up her sleeve, so she’s going to continue causing a ruckus!

Will she continue to compete with Rikki for Alcide’s attention?

You know I think she is going to continue to try to show her loyalty as best she can. She wants everyone to know that she’s there for the pack and she wants to try to maintain some kind of, you know, superior status within the pack even if she’s not the “number one bitch”! Hahaha!

What is your character arc for the season?

She just does whatever needs to be done for the pack and sometimes she makes controversial decision in order to support them. You know you’ll see as the season goes on that she is just part of all the trouble that the werewolves happen to find themselves in.

06.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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