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The Bachelor

Which Bachelor Couple Did Chris Harrison Think Was Doomed to Fail?

The Bachelor and it's sista-friend, The Bachelorette, have a notoriously terrible track record when it comes to couples staying together. In fact, only three dynamic duos actually got hitched after professing their love for one another on national television, but whatever.

It looks like the USofA has turned a collective blind eye on the fact that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have a 12% success rate, because the show just can't stop churning out seasons each of which is hosted by the uber-stylish pimp commonly known as Chris Harrison.


Chris has been puppeteering ABC's most successful franchise for years, and has seen more relationships fall apart than Dear Abby. But did he ever witness a couple fall in love while secretly thinking their connection was doomed to fail? Mmmyep

"Probably one of the seasons where I thought 'This will never last very long' is Charlie O'Connell and, I believe her name was Sarah, she was a nurse," Chris tells The Huffington Post. "He was at a kind of messy point in his life, self-admittedly. But surprisingly they lasted like, four years or five years after the show. What happens after the show is you just never know and it's real life and who's to say what will work and what won't."

Charlie was the star of Bachelor Season 7, and decided not to pop the question to his finalist, Sarah Brice (side note: love that Chris only BARELY remembers her name). Instead, Sarah and Charlie started dating, but broke up after two years in 2007. Then they got back together in 2008, only to split up in 2010!

According to our calculations, they'll be jumping back in the sack any day now.

Source: The Huffington Post