True Blood Recap of Season 6, Episode 2: “The Sun” Burns Hot!
Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    
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True Blood

True Blood Recap of Season 6, Episode 2: “The Sun” Burns Hot!

When we last left off in True Blood, Bill (Stephen Moyer) had fallen victim to a Lillith triple decker sandwich, as visions of the powerful vamp took possession of his body. Poor Jason (Ryan Kwanten) was also facing some difficulties, including coming face to face with a stranger who could be the dreaded Warlow.

True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 answers so many of our burning questions from the premiere episode, but there’s still a lot to discuss. So hold on to your last drops of Tru Blood and let’s dive right in!

Break On Through to the Other Side

While our brave heroine Sookie (Anna Paquin) lays sleeping, Warlow claws his way out of a dark nether dimension and lands smack dab on a bridge mere miles from her home. How do we know it’s him? Aside from his totally horrifying appearance, the contract binding Sookie to him glows ominously as he crosses over to the other side.

That brings us back to Jason, who soon learns the stranger he thought was Warlow is not in fact the ancient vamp.

“I’m your f**king fairy grandfather,” he says to Jason. Meet Niall, Jason and Sookie’s long lost kin who’s been tracking Warlow for centuries.

Jason is skeptical at first, but Niall knows enough about Jason’s adolescent shenanigans that it proves difficult to deny. So why didn’t he just say something in the first place?

“I was testing you and you failed miserably,” Niall tells Jason.

“If you know me so well, you know I’m no good at tests,” responds Jason. Touche.

Meanwhile, Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) bullet wound causes Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) serious concern when it refuses to heal, glowing blue from the gaping hole it's created in her side. Eric tries to remove it with his finger but is burned. Taking extreme measures, he breaks a bottle and scoops the bullet out with the jagged edges. They all marvel at the silver bullet emitting bright blue UV rays.

“Where did they get this?” Nora wonders. “They f**king did it, the humans are fighting back.”

“You think they'd just lie there and take it?” Pam asks, clearly annoyed. Eric stops their bickering and declares, “If the humans want war, we’ll give them war.”

He commands Nora to go through Book of Lilith again with a fine-toothed comb to figure out what Bill is, while he goes out to get some answers of his own.

True Blood Recap of Season 6, Episode 2: “The Sun” Burns Hot!
Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    

I Feel the Pain of Everyone

Bill’s screams from the study wake up Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll).

“I can feel all of their pain, all of the vampires,” Bill cries as he has flashing visions of various vampires suffering horrible torture. Now bleeding out of his eyes, he ends up catatonic on the chair. But in Bill’s mind, he meets Lilith in an open field and she has much to discuss with her new protege. “You think you still get to be Bill Compton?” Lilith asks. She continues ominously, saying, “It is beginning. Events have been set in motion.”

Before we get to hear what these “events” are, Sookie is woken up by phone call from Arlene (Carrie Preston), who’s pissed off Sookie is late for her shift.

Over at Merlotte’s, Patrick’s pregnant wife walks into the restaurant looking distraught. Terry and Arlene silently freak out at her entrance, but they convince her Patrick ran off with another woman. Arlene lays it on really thick and says, “Life is really a s**t sandwich sometimes.”

Sookie hustles to work but is distracted by moans of pain coming from the bushes. Against her better judgement, she pokes her head in to see what’s happening and discovers Ben, an injured (and very handsome) half-fairy bleeding from a vampire attack. She takes him back to her house where he promptly falls asleep.

Later, a group of hipsters walks into Merlotte’s, eying Sam (Sam Trammell) with curious eyes. Sam’s on the phone with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), who turns out to be the best babysitter a shifter could ever ask for.

One of the newcomers, Nicole, approaches Sam and says she knows what he is. He plays dumb at first, but her knowledge of what happened to Luna and Emma’s orphan status makes him think twice. He takes her back to his office and Nicole explains she’s from the Vampire Unity Society. Her agenda, it seems, is for Sam to “come out” as a shifter.

“You really think to government is going to stop at vampires?” she says, referring to Governor Burrell’s declaration of war against the vamps. “You need to have the guts to stand up and be counted.” Sam says he stays hidden to protect himself, but Nicole warns him things are poised to get pretty nasty for supernaturals. She gives him her card and says,“People are dying out there. You can’t just sit this one out.”

True Blood Recap of Season 6, Episode 2: “The Sun” Burns Hot!
Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    

There Is Only One God

Back at the mansion, Jessica is still fretting over Bill’s zombie-like state, but Lilith continues to hold his mind hostage.

“A tyrant is rising” she says. “It is the beginning of the end. You must complete my work.”

Bill asks if he’s become a god, but Lilith sets him straight. “I am worshipped as a god, as you may come to be worshipped as a god. But there is only one god.”

In the hopes of snapping him out of his stupor, Jessica calls a “human edibles” hooker. But the call girl gets spooked and tries to leave. Suddenly, every bone in her body starts to break and she is forcibly dragged over to kneel before Bill, who sucks the blood out of her body like a vacuum.

Meanwhile, Sookie cleans Ben’s wounds as he begins to come to. They talk about the finer points of their special powers, and Sookie admits she’s wanted to give up her light for a life of normalcy. Ben assures Sookie she seems like a good person, but she says that’s not necessarily a blessing these days. As Ben gets ready to leave, Sookie cues him in to the existence of the secret fairy club and offers to take him there.

Jason takes Niall back to the house after Sookie has left, and the two head straight up to the bathroom where Sookie first saw Warlow try to break through. “He just came through the air, like his face was in a ziplock bag,” Jason explains. Niall finds a portal and jumps through, returning shortly covered in goo. “It was worse than I thought,” he tells Jason with a sigh.

As Sookie walks Ben to the place, he says he wants to take her out and repay her kindness. She rebuffs his advances, even though her mind is telling her to kiss him. Using his half-fairy powers, Ben reads her mind but promptly apologizes.

“I shouldn’t take walks with handsome strangers, never ends well,” Sookie says as she leaves Ben to find the fairy club on his own.

True Blood Recap of Season 6, Episode 2: “The Sun” Burns Hot!
Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    

They’re All Gonna Burn

While Nora reexamines the Book of Lilith, Pam emerges from a day of slumber, still grumpy over Eric’s recent behavior toward her.

“Eric loves you you know,” Nora tells her. “The only reason that he never told you he had sisters inside The Authority is because that knowledge would have gotten you killed. You're waht he’s most proud of.”

“He’s got a funny way of showing it,” retorts Pam. We couldn’t agree more.

Speaking of Eric, the Nordic vamp decides to stake out the governor’s mansion. He wants to meet with the governor himself, attacking a poor representative from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and assuming his identity. Outfitted in an ill-fitting jacket, a bad tie, and glasses circa 1977, Eric successfully gets the governor alone, where he tries to glamour him into reversing all of his negative vampire policies. But to his surprise, Eric’s words have no effect on the governor. “Sorry son, but that s**t’s not going to work anymore,” Governor Burrell says, explaining how they’ve now created special contact lenses to resist glamouring. Guards are summoned to take Eric to “the camp,” but he escapes into the air before they can haul him in the van.

Sookie comes home and finally gets to meet Grandpa Niall. Over dinner, he reveals Warlow is obsessed with the Stackhouse family because they are descended from royal fairy blood. Niall was the king of the tribe, but Warlow massacred the entire village and even killed Niall’s parents. Since then, Niall has desperately tracked Warlow over the centuries. The last time he showed up was the night Sookie’s parents died, but Claudine managed to blast him away into a dark realm. Niall decides to teach Sookie how to channel her fairy light into a supernova ball, explaining she can only use it once to attack before losing all of her fey powers.

Sam finally comes home, bringing food for Lafayette and Emma. Before Lafayette can find out what kind of trouble Sam is in, a car rolls up carrying Martha, Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Danielle. The werewolves want Emma to come with them, but Sam refuses, resulting in a nasty fight and Emma being dragged away.

Meanwhile, the governor’s daughter is getting ready for bed and takes out her glamour-resistant contacts. Unluckily for her, Eric is waiting by her window and glamours her into inviting him inside.

Jessica returns to the mansion after burying the blood hooker’s body, frustrated Bill is still in his static state. She begins to pray to him like a god, asking him to bless each and every one of her friends, including Bill himself. Back in his mind, Lilith leaves Bill with some intense parting words.

“You must save us, save us all,” she implores him. “You will know what to do. Trust what you see.”

Bill finally snaps out of it and the TV turns on to the local news channel, which shows the crimes against vampires he saw before falling under Lilith’s spell.

“I can see the future,” he says. Suddenly, he has a vision of Jessica, Eric, Pam and a handful of other vampires in a holding cell. The ceiling opens up, and they all meet the true death.

“They're all gonna burn,” Bill whispers.

Yikes! Are Bill’s premonitions set in stone, or will he be able to change the future by heeding Liliths’ words?

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