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True Blood

True Blood Promo For Season 6, Episode 3: “You’re No Good”

We caught our first glimpse of just how far the humans have come in their fight against vampires on last night’s episode of True Blood when Eric Northman wasn’t able to glamour the governor. Apparently, they have devised anti-glamouring contact lenses. What the what?! They didn’t know vampires could fly, though, so they don’t know everything.

Alcide and his pack came to steal Emma from Sam Merlotte but not before kicking the stuffing out of Sam and Lafayette. Sam tried to tell them that it was Luna’s dying wish that Emma stay with him, but they weren’t hearing it. Where’s a good dog whistle when you need it?

Bill Compton realized that he is Lilith’s prophet, and he takes on the pain of all the vampires around him. Apparently, their fate rests in his well-manicured hands. Oh, and he drained some poor, innocent fang banger while under the trance of Lilith.

We also discovered that Rutger Hauer’s character isn’t Warlow after all but, instead, he is Sookie and Jason’s fairy grandfather sent to protect them from the evil vampire. Warlow has apparently had a vengeance against their family for many generations.

So you might be asking yourself what’s ahead on next week’s episode of True Blood, entitled “You’re No Good”.

First and foremost, Warlow finally arrives to get his vengeance on Sookie and Jason, which should be thoroughly terrifying. Bill seems to embrace his new role and confronts Sookie in her home where it looks like a showdown occurs between the former flames. Alcide’s main “bitch” tells him that Emma has only brought trouble to their pack but he shows his alpha status in defense of the itty bitty shifter. In a word, next week’s episode looks intense...very, very intense. Although the latest preview doesn’t show it, we previously reported that Luna makes an appearance on this third episode as well. Since she bit the dust in the first episode, we’re guessing she comes back as an apparition.

What storyline are you most excited to explore on next week’s episode of True Blood?


06.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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