True Blood’s Jamie Gray Hyder Explains Season 6’s Most Shocking Moments — Exclusive!
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True Blood

True Blood’s Jamie Gray Hyder Explains Season 6’s Most Shocking Moments — Exclusive!

True Blood Season 6 is in full swing, and Bon Temps is alive with supernatural activity. Vampires are being targeted by the government, while shifters and werewolves are fighting to stay hidden lest they suffer a similar fate. But with groups like the Vampire Unity Society pushing for supernaturals to “come out of the closet,” will they be able to avoid the spotlight for long?

New cast member Jamie Gray Hyder, who plays sexy werewolf Danielle, spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment about what’s in store for the Shreveport wolf pack this season, and what fans will be most shocked by in True Blood Season 6!

What’s happening with Alcide’s involvement between Emma, Martha and Sam?

We're all involved in that conflict greatly. There's the whole thing going on with the vampires and humans, but specifically the pack has it’s own conflict with other people in Bon Temps like Sam, and those conflicts do continue throughout the season.

What’s the relationship between werewolves and vampires will be like in Season 6?

The wolves I think are just trying to keep to themselves and trying to keep their own stuff together. The vampires are being attacked by the government, and I think you don’t know who's next. They could be coming for us next. All the supes are threatened by what's going on, even though they're focusing on vampires right now. Werewolves know they’re not far behind. I think most of the species are sticking to their own kind this season, because everyone’s just trying to protect themselves. The wolves are really just trying to stay strong for the pack and not get involved in other conflicts that are going on, because we have enough of our own conflicts to worry about.

What do you think Billith is?

I don't know man, that's really tough. As a fan of the show, I don't know where I really stand on that. In the very first episode you see both the more animalistic and extreme side of this new Bill, and you also see a warm and caring side. I don’t know what’s real! I think the fans are going to have the same struggle trying to figure out what’s real and what’s genuine, and all the characters on the show are also trying to figure that out. The other vampires, they don't know if they can trust him either. I think it’s just keeping everybody on their toes. I don't know exactly where I stand on it, because it's just so unclear.

What are people going to be shocked by most this season?

We lose a couple of characters this season, and think that’s going to be a big deal for the fans. We lose some big people, so that’s going to be surprising for them. I think just the heightened tension of this season, it’s such a commentary of what's going on in the world in general, and I think the whole season is just more heightened when you have this whole vampire and human conflict. Even though we’ve got all this crazy supernatural stuff going on, it really brought the season down to a very human level, and something the fans can really related to. So I think the fans are going to be surprised by how moved and how involved they are in the conflict.

06.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Tiffany Wan
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