Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici: New Details on Their Wedding!
Credit: Stephen Smith/Imaginare NYC    
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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici: New Details on Their Wedding!

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici have us on the edge of our seats with anticipation for any and all info pertaining to their wedding day. The Bachelor Season 17 couple has been teasing us for months about their wedding dance, song, location, guest list, officiant... Basically, our scrapbook is bursting at the seams. So, when they talked to Hollywood Life a little more about their big day, you can bet we were all ears.

Now, before you go thinking that Catherine sounded off on her wedding dress design, sent us an invitation, and asked us to do her hair... it wasn’t quite so juicy. Rather, HL asked the pair a few silly questions that we didn’t even think to get into.

For example, would Sean rather have doves or swans on his invite list? “Doves,” he says. You know, because it rhymes with “love.” Or something. Catherine’s questions revealed more telling answers. When asked if she was into the more modern or traditional wedding, she felt a mix of emotions, easily rectified: “Ceremony traditional, modern reception,” the petite beauty says of the two parts of the wedding.

Obviously, Sean’s Dancing With The Stars outfits and Murgalo must’ve influenced him, since he is dying for some “cheesy” photos. We’ll see how that goes over with the more sophisticated Catherine...

As for what they’ll wear, Catherine is definitely angling for a more laid back dress style, while Sean picked a tux over a more modern suit option. Which totally makes us feel better, since our Sean Lowe-shaped boyfriend pillow has been practicing his bowtie skills since the day Catherine said “yes.”

Source: Hollywood Life