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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Vampire Babies — Who Thinks Vamps Should Adopt?

On True Blood, there’s next to nothing we haven’t seen vampires do. In Season 5 alone, we saw one explode from the inside out, another morph from a pool of blood, and one wear a fangtastic yellow Walmart sweatsuit.

But over the course of the show’s five bloody seasons, we haven’t seen any vamps get married — or have kids.

Because of their undead nature, we understand that they can’t procreate — unless they go the Twilight route and have Sookie Stackhouse get knocked up with blood-thirsty spawn — but former star Denis O'Hare has a solution: adoption!

"It would be great to have two vampires adopt a baby,” Denis suggested to Today’s blog, The Clicker. “I think it would be really funny to see them go through the process at the adoption agency! And there are already four babies on the show, so it could be the start of a hilarious storyline!"

Since Denis’s character, Russell Edgington, exploded in the middle of a field during True Blood’s Season 5 finale, his beau Steve Newlin would have to go at it alone if he wanted to adopt. But that doesn’t rule out Tara and Pam from taking their relationship to the next level in Season 6!

And on a sweet note, Denis’s suggestion likely came from his recent real-life announcement: He and his husband, Hugo Redwood, are working to adopt their 17-month-old foster son. Aww!

What do you think about vampires adopting babies on True Blood? Tell us below!

Source: The Clicker

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