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The Bachelor

Melissa Rycroft Gets Injured While Saving Daughter Ava From WHAT?!

It’s summertime, and the living’s easy. You know, unless you’re Season 13 Bachelor alumna Melissa Rycroft Strickland and you have a wily tot to contend with. Although Mel makes time to talk about sun safety tips on behalf of Banana Boat, there’s nothing a little SPF coulda done to save her from banging up her elbow pretty good.

Credit: Twitter    

But what was she doing when the injury befell our Super Mom? Was she explaining to Ava the dangers of choreographed dance routines? Warning her not to put all of her roses in one vase when looking for love? Of course not. She was rescuing her progeny, little Ava Grace Strickland, from a super sucky summer danger.

“Ughhhh....totally bit it keeping Ava from burning herself on hot car metal....” our HERO tweeted on June 27.

Sigh. We can just imagine how the whole thing went down: Spotting her vivacious tot caterwauling toward the handle of her perfectly sleek automobile, Melissa executed three flawless backhandsprings (left over skill from her Dallas Cowboys cheerleading days), leapt gracefully over a freewheeling shopping cart, and landed in splits beside her darling daughter, dipping her safely away from the offending alloy.

Mom of the year, all the way. Now, to put some Neosporin on that...

Source: Twitter