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Charged Dropped Against 18-Year-Old Accused of Terrorism Threats of Facebook (Updated)

UPDATE: Charges have now been dropped against Cameron D'Ambrosio, who was facing terrorism charges over rap lyrics he posted on Facebook. The 18-year-old spent 30 days in jail, and has now been released after prosecutors dropped the case.

Original report:

Methuen, Massachusetts, high school student Cameron D'Ambrosio — who ironically goes by the rap name "Killa" — is facing charges of terrorism after making threats against the White House and referring to the Boston Marathon bombing in rap lyrics on his Facebook page.

According to the Valley Patriot, Cameron was absent from school yesterday, but another student alerted school officials after they saw Cameron’s disturbing Facebook post. Methuen Chief of Police Joe Solomon told the Valley Patriot, "He posted a threat in the form of rap where he mentioned the White House, the Boston Marathon bombing, and said 'Everybody you will see what I am going to do, kill people’.”

“Once again we have to commend the Methuen High School Student who came forward,” said Superintendent of School Judy Scannell. “We always say, if you see something, say something, and that’s what this student did. We also want to commend the school safety officers and the administration for bringing this to our attention immediately. Threats of this kind of violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, not in Methuen they won’t.”

Cameron was arrested and is being held on a one-million dollar bail and charged with making terrorist threats, a felony punishable by up to twenty years in prison. The police also obtained a search warrant and seized an Xbox and a laptop from Ambrosio’s home, both of which contain searchable hard drives.

The offending lyrics have been removed from the student’s Facebook page, so it’s not clear what Cameron wrote exactly, or what his intentions were. Police clarified that his verses “did not make a specific threat against the school or any particular individuals but he did threaten to kill a bunch of people and specifically mentioned the Boston Marathon and the White House." Chief Solomon added, “The threat was disturbing enough for us to act and I think our officers did the right thing."

The Valley Patriot found a disturbing satanic photo posted on his Facebook page as well other clues indicating Cameron’s interest in gangs, violence, and a criminal lifestyle. He also written other disturbing messages on his Facebook page, including, “F--k Obama, F--k the government.”

We would like to commend the student who told school officials as well, because if they hadn’t spoken up against Cameron’s disturbing post, it may have resulted in any number of regrettable actions on Cameron’s part. Kids with such angry minds often don’t hold the best of intentions, and so we hope this time away from home will allow Cameron to think about his actions. In the meantime, our thoughts go out to his family as they move forward.

Source: Valley Patriot

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06.29.2013 / 05:29 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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