Angelea Preston: My ANTM All-Stars Win Was Taken Away Because of “Hypocrisy”
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America's Next Top Model

Angelea Preston: My ANTM All-Stars Win Was Taken Away Because of “Hypocrisy”

It's been over a year since the end of America's Next Top Model All-Stars Cycle 17, and fans have been left hanging about why Angelea Preston was disqualified, since ANTM never made it clear what happened.

In the past Angelea has tweeted saying she was the original winner of All-Stars (the show only aired Lisa D’Amato winning) and she was "played" by the show. Now, she's given an interview to Sire Says where she that she "did indeed win Cycle 17.”

Angelea is also writing a book about her life, and her ANTM experience will be part of it, so she’s going to save the details about what went down for the book. (Might as well make some money off of it!) In the interview she reiterates that she did not spill the "I won Top Model!" beans on Facebook or Twitter, which was one theory about why she was disqualified.

So what did happen? Why was her win taken away? Angelea says, "Basically, the reason it was taken away from me is hypocrisy..." Which doesn't shed much light on the matter.

She goes on to clarify (well, kinda) that when Lisa was announced as the winner on the show, Tyra Banks said something like, "You have a past, but you're not a victim of your past." Angelea interpreted that as, "The reason why you gave it to Lisa is the reason why you took it away from me. That you're being a hypocrite." She still doesn't explain the exact reason for her disqualification, but it sounds like it's somehow connected to her past.

Still, Angelea is happy with how fans reacted to the finale, because we didn't just swallow the edit without question.

"I found such peace when it was aired how it was aired because the way they aired it,” she says. “They could have played it so many different directions where people didn't even question what happened to me. ... But the fact that the viewers knew 'something ain't right' and 'we know she won ... I was so happy because that was the one thing that really upset me and hurt me. At the end of the day, forget the money, forget the contract. I just want people to know I won.”

Whew! Head to Sire Says for more, or listen to the full interview, which is posted with the story. And look out for that book when it comes out. 'Cause we still need the official reason for her disqualification!

Source: Sire Says

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06.29.2013 / 02:15 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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