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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler Roundup: Ali’s Back, Toby’s Mom & More “Killer” Details

Pretty Little Liars is finally back, and the Season 4 premiere gave us more answers than we knew what to do with — but in Rosewood, more answers only means more questions.

We've been gathering up as many clues as we can to help us piece together this mess of a puzzle. Here is a spoiler roundup of what we know so far about Season 4. Maybe one of "A's" secrets is buried within some of these clues.

Episode titles. We’re awash in episode titles! Season 4: Episode 4 is titled “Face Time,” and after that comes: “Gamma Zeta Die,” “Under the Gun,” “Crash and Burn, Girl,” “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook,” "Into the Deep," and "The Mirror Has Three Faces."

It’s going to be “killer.” At least that’s what Marlene King tweeted in February. We’re not sure yet if this means the death count will rise in Rosewood next season (Marlene said at least one character will die this season), if one of our characters will be revealed to be a killer, or if it is a reference to the PLL book, Killer. Regardless, it is quite ominous. UPDATE: Wilden is the first causality of Season 4.

So many answers. Showrunner Marlene King has called this the season of answers, and boy, did she mean it. Not only did we find out what was in the trunk (it was a dead pig — ew!), but we also have a lead on the identity of the Queen of Hearts (is it Wilden and Melissa?!) and whether or not Ali is alive — for real.

Returning characters. Although we’re relatively certain that our four main protagonists will remain safe, we’re never certain about the supporting characters on the show. Luckily, we’ve gotten confirmation that both Sasha Pieterse (Ali) and Janel Parrish (Mona) will be around next season. Not to mention we’re apparently seeing more of Sasha this season. Does this mean Ali is alive after all?

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A Hitchcock homage. We’ve already seen many a Hitchcock film referenced in PLL, but next season we will get a homage to the avian horror, The Birds. We’re not positive how this will manifest, but if it’s anything like the source material, it will be terrifying. PLL has done such a good job with the Hitchcock references so far. We can’t wait to see this one!

No Christmas special. This isn’t so much a spoiler, as a dashed hope. Marlene has said there will be no Christmas special for Season 4, though she hasn’t ruled it out for future seasons. So maybe a postponed hope, then?

One cop, two cop. Rosewood will be getting not one, but two new cops in the department. Sean Faris will be playing officer Gabriel Holbrook and Roma Maffia will be officer Linda Tanner. The Rosewood PD has never been the Liars’ best friend. Will that change with the news cops in town?

Other new characters. There are a number of other new characters. Meet them here.

Mona is a Liar now. We will see Mona team up with the Little Liars, and it should get very interesting.

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Toby’s past. We also know that we are going to see Toby’s mother in the Season 4 premiere. As Marion Cavanaugh is dead (or so we think...we’re never 100 percent sure about anyone’s death on this show), we will most likely be seeing Marion in flashback form. Either way, we know we're definitely going to be learning a lot about his past this year. Will that be linked to the light he found in the finale? Maybe, because according to Keegan, there is more to that lighter than meets the eye. He says it will affect Toby in Season 4.

Spoby: the same, but different. Bryan Holdman has graced us with this riddle concerning Spoby: “Season 4 Spoby is like Season 3 Spoby...but different.” We know from Keegan Allen that Spoby will start the season off strong. Perhaps Bryan’s riddle refers to the fact that instead of Toby acting as Spencer’s rock this season, it will be Spence’s turn to play the emotionally stable one in the relationship. Apparently, Spence is going to help Toby deal with his troubled past this season. Get more Spoby spoilers!

Ezria Breakup Aftermath. It seems Ezra is going it alone this season (or, more accurately, without Aria). Not only does he have an Aria-less scene in Season 4, Episode 2, but he is in for some “shocking developments” this season ... like maybe being arrested. Aria, on the other hand, has a new love interest in the form of Jake, resident martial arts instructor. Here are some sneak peeks at their various interactions in early Season 4: an awkward Bre meet-up; Mr. Fitz teaching a Liar-filled class; and an angsty stairwell scene from Season 4, Episode 6. On the other hand, we can expect an Ezria kiss at some point. Get more Ezria spoilers!

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Haleb Love. Speaking of Caleb’s imminent departure, it sounds like we will be getting lots of lovely Haleb beforehand (we can’t decide it this makes it worse). Apparently, Caleb is Hanna’s “rock” over the summer. Season 4, Episode 3 will feature a “very powerful Haleb scene.” And, apparently, Caleb’s departure features a “beautiful Casablanca moment” for Haleb. Get more Haleb spoilers!

Emily and Paily. We can expect an "awesome" Paily scene in the premiere, but based on the Episode 2 and 3 photo photos, Emily might be in for a rough start to the new season. We will also see her continue to contemplate swimming dreams.

The return of Mike Montgomery. That’s right! Aria’s baby brother will be back! We’ve speculated about possible storylines, but we’re still not yet sure what Mike’s return will look like. We also know he will be around for not one, but at least three episodes!

Veronica Hastings: character extraordinaire. According to writer Bryan Holdman, Veronica Hastings (Spence’s mom) will “have her hands full” this season. We’re not sure if that means in her capacity as mother, lawyer, or both, but we’re all for more Veronica! We do know she has a scene with Ezra. Interesting...

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Pam Fields is desperate. Veronica isn’t the only Rosewood parental that will be getting a juicy Season 4 storyline. Nia Peeples (Pam Fields) tweeted that we can “expect desperation” from Pam in Season 4. She also confirmed that she will be in three of the first four episodes of the season. This probably has something to do with "A" calling Child Services on Pam and accusing her of beating Emily. Poor Pam. This storyline can only lead to heartbreak.

We will hate Ashley Marin. Also in the mom camp, we are apparently going to be none too pleased with Hanna’s mom in Season 4. This is coming straight from the mouth of Ashley Benson (Hanna), who would probably know best. What could she do to turn us against her?! Sure, right now it looks like Ashley is the No. 1 suspect in the Wilden murder case (the muddy Manolos were a dead giveaway), but did Mrs. Marin really do it? We know Hanna is going to do whatever she can to get her mom off the hook. Let's just hope that doesn't involve making deals with the devil — aka "A."

New character pairings! Bromance! We were excited to hear that characters who have never before interacted on PLL will be getting screen time together in Season 4. Among our suggestions: Toby/Caleb, Mona/Paige, and Jenna/Wilden. We know we will at least the first will be happening in the Toby/Caleb bromance set for Season 4, Episode 7. Huzzah!

Ravenswood crossovers. The PLL spin-off, Ravenswood, will get a few mentions this season. Spencer and Toby will take a trip to Ravenswood in Season 4, Episode 6 on the trail of a clue. There, they will meet Mrs. Grunwald, who will be a recurring character on Ravenswood. Hanna might also go there. We will meet three main characters from the series in the PLL Halloween special, which will segway into the Ravenswood premiere, taking Caleb with it.

Premiere info. For many more spoilers about the premiere in particular, check out our premiere spoiler roundup.

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.