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How to Stay Cool When Summer Temps Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Turns out spicy foods actually cool you down. We know, it sounds nuts, but according to science — and we totally trust science — it’s true! So when the temps start climbing this summer, don’t reach for a calorie-packed ice cream cone. Instead, try some of these beat-the-heat tricks that will help you keep your cool all summer long.

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Cool-Down Snack: KIND Dark Chocolate Chili Almond Bar

We won’t bore you with the science behind gustatory sweating, but basically, when you eat spicy foods, your body actually cools itself down to combat the heat. So frozen margaritas and gelato might sound like a good idea, but they won’t cool you off. Instead, try something with a kick and protein to boot!

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Cool-Down Accessories: Marc Jacobs Rubber Bracelet

If you've ever tried cooling off by running cold water on your wrists, give yourself a gold star! Lowering the body’s temp by cooling down pulse points is a guaranteed heat-buster. Want to look good while you do it? Try freezing your favorite bracelets and throwing them on when the temperature climbs. We promise, you’ll only look hot!

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Cool-Down Book: The Snow Child

Go ahead and spend a few hours baking in the sun. You won’t feel a thing if you keep your head buried in a book about the cold. Reading and thinking about freezing temps can help trick your body into cooling off.

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Cool-Down Noise: HoMedics Sound SPA Relaxation Sound Machine

If you think about it, when it comes to cooling off, it makes perfect senses that listening to the sound of water would be 100% helpful. After all, nothing feels better on a hot summer day than a cool rain shower, so set the dial to rain, close your eyes and feel the chill.

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Cool-Down At Bedtime: Chillow

You know hard it is to sleep when you’re dripping with sweat? Instead of suffering in a swelter, try the Chillow, which is basically an ice pack that slips inside your pillowcase. Rest your head on this baby and you’ll never have to flip to find the cool side of the pillow again.

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07.1.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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