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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Divorce: Judge Orders Porsha to Move Out of Her House

It looks like the latest round in the Porsha Stewart divorce is definitely going to Kordell. According to TMZ, the courts recently decided to tell Porsha to get the heckers out of the Stewart household. Burn!

Last month, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star had taken the lead when she claimed that Kordell changed the locks on her and she couldn't get into her own home, but apparently, the situation has turned against her.

"...June 18th the Fulton County Court judge sided with Kordell, temporarily granting him the exclusive right to use the crib ... and ordered Porsha to move out," the gossip site claims.

Still, TMZ points out that there is some cause for celebration.

"It's not all bad news for Porsha ... the judge also ordered Kordell to cough up $5,000 / month in alimony for the next 3 months, hand over all of Porsha's belongings and pay for moving costs and a storage unit while she transitions," TMZ reports.

$!5,000 in three months? Not too shabby!

Are you surprised that the courts sided with Kordell this time? Sound off below!

Source: TMZ