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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lauri Peterson: I Picked a Bad Time to Tell Vicki About Brooks

If you felt that Lauri Peterson shouldn't have told Vicki Gunvalson about Brooks Ayers's possible dating life in front of all the ladies at Tamra Barney's dress-shopping trip on this week's Real Housewives of Orange County, you're not alone.

On July 1, Lydia McLaughlin tweeted to Lauri that there might have been a better opportunity for Lauri to tell Vicki about Brooks spending time with her daughter's friend.

"Timing is everything," Lydia tweeted. "I felt so awkward hearing all the Brooks drama. #notinfrontofthedresses"

We agree with Lydia, and we especially love her "#notinfrontofthedresses" comment. Best. Hashtag. Ever.

And apparently, Lauri thinks Lydia has a point.

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"Agreed... not the best timing!" Lauri responded to Lydia on Twitter.

Don't you love it when the ladies can agree on something and admit their mistakes? So while we doubt Lauri and Vicki will become besties anytime soon, it's nice that Lauri at least wishes she had handled things differently.

Lydia explains more about her thoughts about the Lauri-Vicki convo on her Bravo blog this week.

"In my opinion, if Lauri really felt that Vicki needed to hear what she knew about Brooks, Lauri should have called or taken Vicki aside," Lydia writes. "Instead she just dropped the bomb in front of all of us. My heart broke for Vicki."

Then again, isn't this show all about people dropping bombs on each other? We're pretty sure it is.

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