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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 4, “Face Time”

Put your face on! In this week’s Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 4: "Face Time"), Melissa and Spencer have a smashing good time, Aria gets a surprising visitor on her date, and Toby has one more reason to not be on Team Ali.

Wherein Spencer and Her Big Sis Have a Nice Heart-to-Heart Along the Water

Melissa is scarier than ever this week, especially once she realizes Spencer left her mask out. It’s now hard to know how much we can believe Melissa. Like, was it really Wilden — and not herself — who tried to kill Spencer on the Halloween train? And were Shana and Jenna really at the lodge to just watch the Liars?

Melissa was a woman on a mission when she started smashing up those mask molds of her face which we see “A” later repairing. Does this confirm that Melissa isn't "A"? And was Melissa trying to tell Spencer that Ali killed Wilden? At any rate, Spencer has bigger problems than whether she’s getting into Penn.

Wherein Malcolm Salts Aria’s Game

Is there anything more awkward than running into your ex’s son while your on a date with another guy? We think not. But that just shows how awesome Jake is, as he’s still willing to give Aria a chance. We also love when Aria asks him, “Can I call you?,” which is a line that Carly Rae Jepsen would approve of.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Family    

Wherein Hanna Enjoys Her Favorite Hobby: Lying to the Cops

Wilden had some pretty puzzling things in his safe deposit box, which included a gun and two passports along with that mound of moolah. We still don’t know what Hanna’s mom was up to when Wilden died, but the cops clearly think she’s suspicious. Let’s just say that when the cops show up at your door late at night after recently talking to you, it’s not a good sign.

In other news: Caleb is as awesome as ever. That's just a fact.

Wherein Emily and Her Parents Are Shouldering Quite a Burden

We have never seen Emily seem more angsty than she is this week, although that’s how you get when your parents are being investigated and your possible shoulder surgery may prevent you from ever swimming again. If it weren’t for such an insanely cute Paily scene, Emily’s life would be a serious bummer.


Who killed Wilden? Both Ashley Marin and Melissa Hastings seem to be prime suspects, but we assume they’re now both too obvious to have actually done it. So was it Ali? And what was Shana and Jenna’s actual involvement in the lodge fire, given Melissa claiming they were just there to spot Ali? Uh, not to be mean, but we wonder if Jenna is really the best person to send to keep an eye on someone.

Does Melissa’s piece of info regarding Wilden starting the lodge fire tell us something about Ms. Marin’s involvement? Maybe she found out that he’d be starting the fire, so she and Hanna’s dad tried to stop him? Melissa also claims that someone was controlling Wilden, so we wonder who it was.

What was Ali's big hurry when she grabs the moolah from Hector’s place and who was driving her getaway car? Hector claims to not have seen who was driving, but his long gaze at the car makes us think he really does know who it was. If we had to guess who the driver is, we’d say CeCe or perhaps Wren, who just might be the Beach Hottie.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Family    

Did Dr. Palmer just tell us that Ali killed Toby’s mom? When he warns Toby to have his mom stay away from that blonde girl, we realize Ali and Marion spent a little too much quality time together. Maybe Ali’s mom and Toby’s mom were at Radley at the same time?

We want to think that Emily and Paige are ridiculously cute... but are they? We must say that the camera lingers on Paige just a little too long after Emily realizes that the police have been called about a domestic disturbance, making us wonder if Paige might have been responsible. After all, Paige clearly wants Emily spending less time at home and more time with her at Stanford. Hmm...

Other Things to Be Discussed:

We’ve been having trouble trusting Jake, but we think he’s growing on us, especially when he doesn’t run away screaming when he hears about Ezria. Still, can you really picture Aria dating a guy who loves Jackie Chan that much? We can’t either.

We’ll try to say as little as possible about Hanna’s newspaper-inspired top with the word “Fashion” on it (shudder) and instead focus on Aria’s adorable pink-lightning bolt top with matching pink belt. Come to think of it, death by lightning bolt is one of the few ways left for people to die on this show.

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