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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: Will Sookie and Ben Hook Up? There’s “Definitely Potential”

True Blood fans have certainly seen a new side to Sookie on Season 6 thus far and, quite frankly, she seems a bit jaded. She’s certainly learned from her past mistakes and Anna Paquin, the actress who plays the strong-willed half-breed faerie, says it’s about time.

As she told TheWrap in a recent interview, “You can’t watch the same person make the same relationship mistakes over and over again without at some point expecting that they’re going to learn from what’s happened and eventually have to close some doors.”

Many of us have either found ourselves on Team Eric or Team Bill at one point or another and, thus, we’ve all felt the sting a bit this season. Not only did she rescind Eric’s offer to enter her home but, in this past week’s episode, she told Bill she wouldn’t let him have her blood, even if it meant the true death for her vampire friends.

Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    

It might hurt us to watch, but Anna is glad to see Sookie enter a new phase where she takes control.

"In the case of both Bill and Eric, they’re people that she legitimately has incredibly strong feelings for, and it’s really quite painful to realize that you actually need to walk away," she told TheWrap. "There can also be something very empowering about that."

Rob Kazinsky, who plays Sookie’s new half-faerie love interest, Ben, also recently mentioned his feelings on the positive changes in Sookie. He hopes people can look beyond Eric, Bill, and Alcide to see that he is the best match. Anna seems to agree, telling TheWrap that her past relationships have been “problematic in various ways.”

Of dating someone of her own kind, she says, “There is something actually alluring about feeling like maybe this person might actually understand you. There's definitely potential there.”

What do you think, Truebies? Do Sookie and Ben have potential? Or do you want to see her with Eric already? Sound off in the comments!

Source: The Wrap