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The Bachelorette

Which Guy Does Desiree Hartsock Want to Confront at Men Tell All?

When Season 9 of The Bachelorette began in May, we were just dying to be the girl in Desiree Hartsock’s athletic shoes. 25 guys vying for our attention, time, and love? Yes please! A Bentley and sweet pad? We’ll take it! Time with Chris Harrison so we can tell him about why the pair of us should start a love cult and call every member “Rose”? In.

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But this season has been a total trainwreck in so many ways, with girlfriends, bores, and drama galore (look Chris S, we wrote a poem, too!). So you can only imagine how much we’re looking forward to the “Men Tell All” special, airing on July 22, when the majority of Des’s dudes will be forced to answer to His Herrison about all their wrongdoings.

So, who is Desiree most stoked to confront, AshLee Frazier-style at MTA? Is it Brian Jarosinski and his cheating self? Ben Scott’s faces? Jonathan Vollinger’s date card? Nope, it’s one Mr. James Case.

In this week’s People Bachelorette blog, Des wrote about dismissing the strategic Bachelor-in-waiting. “After a lot of thought, I decided that keeping James there would diminish my other relationships,” Des muses. “It will be interesting to see what James has to say about himself at Men Tell All. I know I will have some questions for him!”

We have some ideas: Number one being whether he got that boob sweat / lactation problem under control...

Source: People Bachelorette blog