Credit: ABC with graphic by Julia Wayne for Wetpaint    
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The Bachelorette

Us Weekly Dubs Three of Desiree Hartsock’s Guys “Bachelors From Hell”

Let the fireworks begin! Us Weekly’s latest cover calls out three of Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock’s men-testants just in time for the Fourth.

In case you haven’t seen the cover, we’re talking a close-up of a slightly startled looking Des under the headline “Desiree Begs to Go Home” after being “humiliated, betrayed, and driven to tears.”

We’d heard Episode 6 in Barcelona left the Bachelorette thinking of quitting the show, but Us Weekly’s use of pink and yellow takes this news to a whole new level.

Credit: Us Weekly    

Who’s to blame for Des’ breakdown? Why the “Bachelors From Hell” (dibs on that band name). The lucky contestants who qualified for the label: Ben “The Fame Whore” Scott, James “The Liar” Case, and Mikey “The Player” Tenerelli.

Being associated with the Devil isn’t how we’d like to make our national magazine debut, but the dudes don’t seem to mind...too much.

“Well, made the front cover of Us Weekly, they truly don't know the real me. You know my face not my story. @mikeytenerelli @benscottTX ‎#truth ‎#love‎#bachelorette,” James tweeted.

Soon after, fellow van chatter Mikey messaged: “Made the cover of Us Weekly with @realjamescase and @BenScottTx, #haters are my #motivators. Anyone who knows me know this is the furthest thing to describe my character.”

Quick props to James and Mikey for their Olympic-level use of hashtags. That sort of social media mastery has to warm the heart of dear Kasey “The Tweeter” Stewart.

As of publishing, Ben’s the only one of the trio who decided to sit the convo out, perhaps in an effort to disprove his new rep as fame whore. Or, you know, he’s not online right now.

Sources: James Case on Twitter and Mikey Tenerelli on Twitter