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The Vampire Diaries

17 Hot Kisses From The Vampire Diaries

Katherine said it best in The Vampire Diaries Season 2: “Kiss me or kill me.” In the world of Mystic Falls, it’s usually one or the other — or one followed by the other. Getting involved with these super-sexy supernatural beings means that your odds of being either kissed or killed are about the same. But not all kisses are created equal.

There are many ways we could rate a kiss: Timing, passion, hand placement, length, etc. But we really know a kiss is good when we can’t seem to forget about it. And so, after some serious thought (and a lot of YouTube videos), we have somehow (impossibly) narrowed down our list to the top 15 (or 16) Vampire Diaries kisses that we will never forget. Pucker up!

Bonnie and Jeremy Finally Kiss in Season 2, Episode 14

Bonnie and Jeremy’s First Kiss: First kisses are never better than when someone tries to resist their feelings (cough, Bonnie) only to give in.

Stefan and Elena Kiss in Season 1, Episode 2 and Damon and Elena Kiss in Season 2, Episode 22

Salvatore Brothers’ First Times: First, there was Stefan and Elena’s passion-filled first time. At the end of Season 2, Damon and Elena finally locked lips. And both times were 100 percent unforgettable.

Caroline Sings to Matt, He Kisses Her in Season 2, Episode 16

Matt and Caroline on Stage: After Caroline confessed her love to Matt (in a song!), he jumped up on stage and gave everyone in the crowd a quick tutorial on Kissing 101..

Tyler and Caroline Hook Up in Season 3, Episode 1

Tyler and Caroline's First Time: There’s nothing quite like pent-up supernatural hormones to make a hot kiss turn into a hot first … you know.

Damon and Katherine Kiss in Season 1, Episode 22

Damon and Katherine Part 1: Damon thinking that Katherine was Elena in the Season 1 finale was what made this kiss so… steamy.

Jeremy Kisses Ghost Anna in Season 3, Episode 7

Jeremy and Anna: It’s the moment everyone who has ever lost someone dreams of: You lose the person you love only to get to kiss them one more time. Maybe you didn’t imagine they were a ghost, but it was still pretty romantic … despite the cheating aspect of it all. Sorry, Bonnie.

Damon and Katherine Make Out in Season 2, Episode 1

Damon and Katherine Part 2: Like we said, kiss me or kill me… and then rip open my shirt, knock over a few books. Whatever works.

Damon Kisses Elena on the Porch in Season 3, Episode 10

“If I’m going to feel guilty about something”: What we like to think of as Delena’s first legitimate kiss was everything we had been waiting for. He wanted it. She wanted it. And it left her breathless.

Alaric Kisses Jenna in Season 2, Episode 3

“I should’ve done that this morning.” Never were we more jealous of Jenna than in the moment Alaric swept her off her feet with a rather textbook combination: a romantic embrace, a passionate kiss and a heartfelt one-liner.

Damon and Elena Make Out in a Motel in Season 3, Episode 19

The motel: When Elena literally couldn’t hold in her feelings for Damon any longer, they exploded in one of the hottest makeouts television has ever seen. No matter what team you ship, you can’t deny that that. was. hot.

Stefan Leaves Elena With a Kiss in Season 3, Episode 22

“That’s just in case there is no later”: Stelena only shared one kiss in all of Season 3, but it was worth the wait. Before Elena officially made her choice between the brothers, Stefan left her with some (tasty) food for thought when he grabbed her face and allowed her to remember the passion they once shared.

Elena Kisses Stefan’s Vampire Face in Season 2, Episode 5

“It’s you and me, Stefan. Always”: After Elena decided that Stefan should drink a little bit of her blood every day to get stronger, she gave him his first taste, and then she brought him back from the edge with a kiss. This turned into one of our favorite makeouts.

Elena and Stefan and Katherine and Mason Hook Up in Season 2, Episode 6

Matching Morning Makeouts: From Stefan and Elena to Katherine and Mason, this Season 2 morning makeout montage was equal parts romantic and sexy.

Damon and Elena Get Together in Season 4, Episode 7

Firelit romance: Damon and Elena danced and kissed and more after eye flirting at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. If you could block out Caroline and Stefan’s sire bond talk, it was pretty hot — and just because it was in front of the Salvatores’ massive fireplace.

Stefan and Rebekah Hook Up in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 11

No-strings-attached: The sexual tension between exes Rebekah and Stefan was bubbling throughout their search of Professor Shane’s office. Later, they decided to rekindle their “crazy sex” days and have a love ‘em and leave it night of passion.

Stefan and Elena Got and Heavy in the Cabin in Season 2, Episode 14

“You are such a liar”: From a heartfelt Stelena moment to an adorable one, Stefan and Elena’s lakehouse makeout quickly went from playful (he picked her up!) to steamy (well hello, counter).

Damon and Elena Make Out in 4, Episode 23

Elena chooses Damon: We don’t know how long Damon waited for this. After getting angry at Damon for refusing the cure when it looked like he was on his deathbed, Elena told him that she loved him — sans sire bond. Damon let himself believe it — and they proceeded to make out, heavily.

Samantha Highfill is a contributing writer to Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter at @samhighfill.

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