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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is Porsha Stewart Faking Her Divorce to Stay on Real Housewives of Atlanta? — Exclusive

Walter Jackson has gone on record claiming new Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kenya Moore convinced him to "play" the role of her boyfriend during Season 5 of the hit Bravo series, but is fellow newcomer Porsha Stewart now "pretending" to divorce her husband, Kordell, to get asked back for Season 6?

So says a tabloid report on, which claims that Porsha — fearing she wouldn’t be asked to return for another season — concocted the split to create a more interesting storyline for herself on the show. Once Kordell filed for divorce, claims the report, “BOTH Kordell and PORSHA were asked back.”

But when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Porsha at the Bravo upfront a few months ago, her pain seemed anything but fake. And a source close to Porsha tells us the marriage is truly over.

“This is the toughest time in Porsha’s life,” the source tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “Not only did her marriage fail, it’s happening in front of the whole world. This is not made for TV. It’s real and it’s incredibly painful.”

Still, the source says Porsha does hope to return to show fans she’s stronger than they might think.

“She knows she left the impression she was dependent on Kordell,” the source adds. “But she wants to make sure everyone knows that — for better or worse — she’s her own woman.”