Credit: Snooki's Instagram    
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Jersey Shore

JWOWW, Sammi Sweetheart, and The Situation Hacked — Whose Phone Numbers Were Leaked?

Have you ever just wanted to call up your favorite Jersey Shore star? Well, for a brief time this weekend, it looked like that might actually be possible.

Credit: JWOWW on Instagram    

The main victim of the hack was JWOWW, with the hacker (or hackers) changing JWOWW’s Twitter avatar to an image of a swastika, and her bio to, “Jersey Shore sluts getting ran daily. You can mark Sammi and JWOWW off the list.”

The person or people responsible also tweeted to her nearly 3.4 million followers, “Sammi now JWOWW? #2ez."

Snooki took to Twitter to defend her friend, "FYI my boo @JENNIWOWW got hacked. So if they tweet vulgar things (even tho jenni would do that) it's not her. #creeps." The Situation also tweeted that it was true he was hacked, saying, "Yea was hacked ; we got a situation; but still my bday ! Thank u to everyone ; happy 4th of July."

In another tweet, it looked like cell phone numbers for much of the Jersey Shore cast had gotten leaked, but apparently those were fake, per JWOWW's fiancé Roger Mathews. He tweeted, "Jennis page got hacked. Some winner posting fake #'s and shit. Some nerd with a laptop in his moms basement needs a friend."

JWOWW even posted a photo to her Instagram page with her flipping the camera off. She left this threatening caption, directed at whomever hacked her and her Jersey Shore BFFs: "To the bitch who hacked my twitter and whatever else im coming for u... Low life piece of s*** garbage f*** who has nothing better to do... Come for me bitch..."

Whoever did the hacking, it looks like you better leave JWOWW alone — she will hurt you.

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