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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Men Tell All Air Date Changed: What Does That Mean?

ABC just announced that Desiree Hartsock’s Bachelorette 2013 “Men Tell All” special will not be aired at the normal point in the season this year. Rather than other years, wherein the smack-talking showdown of the year hits us (baby, one more time) right before the finale, it will be a week earlier: on July 22 instead of July 29, with the finale airing on August 5.

So, what can we infer from this change, exactly? Well, we can think of a few things that could possibly be different this year:

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1. Missing Faces

The final two are traditionally not allowed to attend the MTA so that ABC can prevent the possibility that they’ll slip up — and because the two do their big reveals on the “After the Final Rose” special post-finale. Instead, the final THREE guys will likely be MIA at MTA.

2. Bigger “After the Final Rose”

With three guys potentially using “After the Final Rose” to say their piece on the post-finale special, we’re expecting a lot of strange happenings. You know what would be really crazy? If one of the guys did leave and also refused to show up at the ATFR. If it’s Chris, maybe he’ll send a poem in his place...

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3. More Focus on Man Drama

Rather than have an AshLee Frazier-Sean Lowe stand-off situation, like on The Bachelor Season 17’s “Women Tell All,” the focus may be routed elsewhere. Rather than zero in on each guy’s drama with Des, it could be that the guys will just yell a lot. We’re voting for a Jell-O wrestling ring and Chris Harrison in a powdered judge’s wig.

4. Surprising Frontrunner?

While normally it’s the final elimination that provides the biggest source of drama, tears, and conflicts of emotions, we’re wondering if this year is different. Des has a super great group of guys left right now, and any elimination is going to be a shock at this point. But while Brooks Forester and Chris Siegfried seem to be Bachelor Nation’s favorites for Des, perhaps there’s a dark horse who will step way up in the competition during Hometown Dates on July 15 and change everyone’s minds? If so, then...

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5. HUGE Finale

If ABC saw fit to give the last two episodes an uninterrupted flow (you know, other than the normal week), that means there might be something ridiculous happening that will make everyone lose their collective mind. Will one guy leave on his own? Will all of them? Is the finale just Desiree wandering around on the beach, painting pictures with her tears in the sand? Because we’re not saying that would be the worst finale we’ve ever seen...